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You are expanding into a foreign market and wonder who will handle correspondence with your new business partners? You feel less confident making phone calls in a foreign language you speak? You are not sure about the (subtle) meaning of your international contact’s expressions?
A phone call is often the first and only occasion to reach out to a new contact. It can help you build a powerful first impression, but also become tricky if linguistic nuances or cultural features are neglected.
On the phone, language often decides on the outcome of the conversation. It is not only about the words you choose but about how you express your points.

Our guiding principles:

Linguistic competence: no matter if you wish to make a cold call, refresh a long-standing contact, discuss a technical matter, formulate a complaint or negotiate your terms - one of our specialists will handle your call in his/her mother tongue.
Confidentiality and non-disclosure: we will strictly follow your instructions on confidentiality and will not disclose your contents to third parties.
Adjustment to the cultural or regional context: conversation styles, levels of formality, dialects or social bias can significantly influence the success of your phone calls. We ensure your call will be made not only by a top communicator but by a local speaking on your behalf.
Listening skills: we ensure excellent preparation of our speakers to facilitate active listening. Formulation of competent questions and careful note-taking will maximize your success.
Feedback: we will prepare accurate minutes of each phone call and provide you with advice regarding the next steps.