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Our translators and intercultural specialists are professionals from a variety of industries. Their portfolio is mostly broad, but they excell in a few fields of expertise that distinguish us from our competitors.


1. Engineering

Technical equipment, machinery and electrical devices require sound and accurate instructions of use. We help manufacturers and dealers be just as convincing with an international audience as with domestic clients. This includes translation and proofreading of website texts, instruction manuals, brochures, specification sheets, safety instructions, journal articles, tender documents and any type of document conveying specialist terminology and complex information.


2. Energy

Thanks to many years of experience with power stations and (renewable) sources of energy, we are your partner for translations concerning boiler technology, turbines, power output, fuels and energy sales. Besides: bioenergy, biomass combustion, photovoltaics and wind power are frequent topics of our daily business.


3. Logistics and transportation

A small group of logistics experts will take care of your transportation documents, shipping contracts, bills of lading, product catalogs, safety datasheets, terms and conditions, road policy documents, maritime freight contracts, charterparties and related disputes, customs documents, and much more.


4. International organizations, politics and law

Several of our translators have degrees in law and/or work experience in international organizations such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations, the OSCE, the World Bank or with a number of NGOs and civil society organizations. No matter if your text is a policy proposal, an international contract, an academic essay or a draft bill, we will reliably convey its exact meaning in a foreign language.


5. Patent documents

You are an inventor and wish to sell your patent? You are a patent attorney with international clients? You wish to register a trademark in a foreign country/region? Especially if your subject matter concerns engineering, electronics, biotechnology or energy, your text is in the right hands with us.


6. General business correspondence

Most of our language professionals have experience in sales, marketing or journalism. Therefore, we can provide you with convincing translations of your daily communication, i.e. e-mails, letters, memos, presentations, articles, blog and social media posts, tweets and much more. We guarantee a reader-friendly style, special attention to keywords and cultural sensitivity.

What you can expect from us:

Highest industry standards: all our services are delivered by qualified and/or certified translators. You can therefore expect a professional result that fulfills the highest linguistic and formal standards. Accurate wording, grammatical correctness and a reader-friendly style are essential characteristics of any convincing text. A good translation should not be recognized as such but sound as natural as the original version.
Careful proofreading: all our translations are proofread by a second linguist to correct minor flares (four-eyes-principle). We produce translations that can be published without further adaptations.
Different delivery options: depending on your needs, documents are delivered on paper or as electronic copies in your preferred format. If you need a sworn or certified translation, please let us know when placing your order.
Punctuality: we respect the agreed deadlines, no matter what.
Competitive value-for-money: an excellent translation takes time, but we guarantee efficient handling and maximized output. We can create client-specific terminology databases and use different CAT tools.